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Palm Dates
Breaking the fast with Palm dates is a Ramadan tradition, as most of its
benefits are unique to this particular fast.

Juices and drinks: Jellab, Fresh Juices, Soft Drinks, Coffee or Tea
Maintaining fluid balance during fasting is very important, that is why our menu includes a glass of juice to start and coffee or tea to finish.

Soup: Lentil or Chicken
Breaking the fast would not be complete without a nourishing bowl
of soupSoups are the openers of every Ramadan iftar.

Selection of Cold & Hot Mezzes
Hommous, Fattouch, Lamb Kebbeh, Cheese Samboussik
Now this is our way to offer you a delicious Iftar starters which is sure to make your senses tingle with delight.

Main Courses
Choice Of: Mixed Grill (Kafta & Taouk), Bamieh with Lamb & Rice, Dish of the Day or vegetarian option
A balanced main dish at Iftar should contain a source of protein. Balance and moderation are key to health!

Desserts: Ramadaniat
An Iftar meal will not be complete without irresistible Ramadan desserts and our touch of Lebanese Ice Creams

Menu Price: £30.00 minimum 2 Persons/ Price per person

On behalf of Noura’s Group, we would like to wish you a Ramadan Moubarak, May God shower all his blessings on you.

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